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New Century Headstones

In the effort to help you and your family get through these difficult moments, New Century Headstones focuses on providing you with excellent service, second to none quality headstones, and the best completion time in the industry.

We focus on custom one of a kind designs, to try to capture the personality and essence of your love one. We only work with high quality Indian absolute black granite to achieve a high contrast image. 


No one likes to think about passing on or having a loved one pass on, but this is a reality everyone must face. Headstones are used to pay tribute to a person and commemorate details about their life. Their date of birth, family relations, and occupation can all be shared.

Creating them can be a tricky process, often made more difficult because those shopping are also going through the grieving process. We offer design by traditional engraving as well as laser. In addition, our online design option makes it easy to create and order.

Many people look to design a headstone based on the requests of a loved one. However, some people work based off their own ideas or the ideas of others who were close to the deceased. Custom grave markers are a great way to pay tribute to a person.

Elegant-looking grave markers can tell a lot about an individual’s life. Everything from their occupation to the relationships they had can be displayed on the stone with text or pictures using standard or laser design.

Traditional vs. Laser

When many people picture headstones, they think of the traditional style carved out by hand or machinery. This style offers an elegant and old-world look which many people favor. The deep engraving style makes it easy to spot text from far off, and contrasts well against stone or marble material.

Laser headstones are designed to be more precise with illustrations, making them very effective for pictures. Whether it is a portrait of the deceased, a picture of something they loved, or a simple and loving touch like an image of flowers, laser is a great choice.

Ordering Custom Headstones Online

Getting a headstone created can be complicated for multiple reasons. Not only are people usually grieving during this time, but the creation process is subject to change multiple times. Working in-person with a designer can be costly and time consuming. Thankfully, our online option simplifies things.

The first of its kind, this system makes it possible to design and order custom grave markers from home. No matter what type of grave markers a person is looking to create, working with our online designer makes things simple.